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3-In-One Hand Beading Tool

Introducing our new beading tool manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Simple and easy to use, this tool is called a three in one because there are three ways of using it:

1) With the machine gripped in a vice use the handle provided to turn the primary shaft to form a bead.

2) With the machine gripped in a vice use a drill to turn the primary shaft to form a bead.

3) If the tube to be beaded is in a static situation, then roll the machine around the pipe to form a bead.

The body parts are machined from high grade aluminium and anodised for a tough finish and appearance.

The primary drive shaft is heat treated carbon steel and the rollers are case hardened for long life.

Video of the beading tool in action !

 Using a handle                      Using a drill
 Moving around the pipe       Fast beading !

Example beading 4″ dia. ally tube

Example bending 1″ dia. x 1.5mm
wall seamed stainless steel tube
using our new BeadST model.

There are 2 versions of the tool:

Standard Tool BeadST Tool
Beading Capability 16 swg aluminium and copper pipes 16swg stainless steel seamless or welded tube
Beading Tube Size > 9mm ID > 15mm ID
Main Shaft Standard larger diameter (to give more strength)
Body Standard larger body allowing the bearings to be placed further apart increasing rigidly
Bearings Standard Longer and larger in diameter

An elegant design, simple to operate – an extremely reliable useful tool!

Bead Tool Model

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