A selection of very Useful Tools and products designed by
Ex-Lotus F1 and winning Indy 500 chief mechanic David Lazenby.



Mandrel Tube Bender
Pipe Beading Tool
Intercooler Cores

Hand operated mandrel tube bender

It is widely recognised when bending tubing that the normal minimum bend radius is 4 times tube diameter. Attempting to bend on a smaller radius immediately introduces a number of problems, namely rippling on the inside of the bend, cracking or splitting on the outside and extreme distortion of the tube.

For those who need a tighter bend radius we have designed the Useful-Tools hand operated mandrel tube bender. These machines will allow tubes to be bent with an impressive 2 times tube diameter bend radius with no rippling or cracking of the tube and the absolute minimum of distortion.

We have two machines that all operate on the same principle, namely the pipe or tube to be bent is located between a formed mandrel and back plate with another formed internal mandrel (bullet) held at a carefully controlled position inside the tube. The tube is secured firmly to the main mandrel and when the mandrel is turned the tube is pulled over the internal mandrel as it wraps around the main mandrel. (This internal "Bullet" holds the tube open and helps reduce distortion to a minimum.)

We can supply machines that will bend from ΒΌ" diameter up to 1.5" diameter aluminium, and 1/4" up to 1" diameter in steel, all on a 2 times tube diameter bend radius, and in some cases down to 1.25" times tube dia.

We carry a large range of mandrel sizes and can cater for millimetre and special sizes. Check out the attached video showing how easy the machine is to use.

Hand operated pipe beading tool

An essential workshop tool that allows a controlled bead to be raised quickly and easily on the end of pipe or tube.>

This machine will raise a bead on 16swg aluminium, brass, & copper pipes ranging in bore size from 10mm upwards, as well as 16swg stainless steel from a bore size of 15mm upwards.

Intercooler Cores

We can now supply 90mm extruded tube aluminium intercooler cores to custom sizes. Other types of core also available.

All our products are designed and manufatured in the UK and delivered with full operating instructions and a one year warranty.

We deal direct and ship all over the world.